We want your band to be a success!

We promote and facilitate original artists who write their own material. You may perform a couple of covers, but we’re here to stimulate originality.

In booking, we take into consideration music style, compatibility with other bands, fan base and routing schedules. We pay bands depending on how many people come to see them.

1. First time to play; do a battle or new band showcase, bring a crowd and win big cash.
2. Then play on a local band night, grow your fan base even more.
3. Want to be on a “Big Show”? Play local shows and develop your stage presence and fan base. Then we’ll put you on tour for one night with some up and coming rock stars. If you’re good and bring over 50 people consistently then we will put you on a touring show.

We book bands at the Door Club closest to their fan base. Example: Live in Plano or suburbs of North Dallas – Play The Door Plano. If you can draw 40 to one of our suburb clubs we’ll book you downtown in the Dallas club or on a “Big Show.”
Solo Artists; You can play the side stage opening for band or if your crowd is older, you can play in the bar.

All Booking is done by Email.

Email us the info below to booking@thedoordallas.com
new bands/battle bands send info below to newbands@thedoordallas.com

-band name
-contact name / phone / email / online music link (facebook/myspace/purevolume/etc)
-city (where you live/where you’re fans live)
-style of music
-are your fans mostly over age 21 or under age 21?
-what date you want to play (see our concert calendar for open dates)
- List the last 3 shows you’ve played in Dallas/FW, where, when, how many people you drew:

(if you’ve never played a show before, that’s okay, we want to book you!)

If you are already booked: click here for information regarding your gig.